When is a good time to Purchase a New Air Conditioner?

You can bet if your unit is struggling already, that on that extremely hot Texas Summer day the AC will likely leave you and your home hot and uncomfortable.  Luckily most AC units will give warning signs when the AC is having a difficult time, but you must recognize the signs.  If you are not sure, but you recognize that your unit is not performing as it should, have us come and do an inspection.  It could be as simple as your unit may need a tune-up or it could be time to replace it.   

 As a homeowner, how are you supposed to know when it is time to buy a new air conditioner? A new air conditioner can be a big investment, however the cost of repairs to operate an old inefficient unit can be costly too.  If the system has been well maintained it could last longer than expected, but most manufactures usually say 12 -15 years is a good time to replace your unit.  If your unit is 10 plus years old, and you are experiencing expensive repairs, it would make more sense to replace it.  

Expensive Repairs, frequent breakdowns along with high electric bills can be costly.  If you find yourself calling us frequently and your unit is older, it is always best to weight the cost of the repair with the cost a of a new unit.  If the cost of the repair would cover a lot of the cost to replace the unit, it may make more sense for you financially to replace your unit.  Since the Federal Government is phasing out R-22 Freon, it is also wise to remember if problems are occurring it may be more cost effective to upgrade to a new system.  If you are having an issue with your older unit keeping up with set temperatures, continuously running, short cycling, this could cost you more in electricity. Eventually the unit will quit working all together, at a time that is least convenient for you.    

It is wise to discuss with your professional HVAC Company if you are considering a remodel.  Adding onto your house may make the unit undersized.  Ductwork may need to be upgraded. There are a lot of variables in what size of AC goes into a house, and if any of the variables change, it will cause your Air Conditioner not to cool as well, run too much, or not function correctly. 

Remember if you are purchasing a new home, your forever home, or if you live in an existing home that you plan on staying in, it would be wise to invest in a more efficient system.  Air Conditioners are coming out with higher SEER ratings to establish energy effectiveness for the homeowner.  The higher efficiency units also offer many options and provide better indoor air quality.    

What is a SEER rating?  A Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating relates to how much energy and money an AC unit will use in operation over the course of one year.  The rating itself is determined through calculations of a unit’s average performance.  - The amount of cooling an AC system puts out per the units of energy it uses to do so. – The less energy used, the higher the SEER rating.  How much you will save depends on the size and the insulation factor of your house. 

Buying a new unit is a tough decision.  Mark Ary or Caleb Caviness, our Trane Comfort Specialist at Ary Co AC & Heat, would be happy to meet with you and go over options, expenses, and financing information.   

Trish Callahan